Starting a New Website? Don’t Take These Things for Granted

By August 27, 2015 Web Design

Business owners already know that in today’s tech-centric world, you can’t afford to forego a website. If you don’t already have a website worthy of representing your business to the kind of customers you’d like to impress, now is a better time than ever to obtain one.

Don’t let any inexperience with the web and social media intimidate you from utilizing the highest-ROI advertising platform in modern times. Rather, look at getting a professional company website as an opportunity to grow and expand your knowledge. Here are four things you can’t afford to take for granted when starting a new site for your business.

  1. Your audience. You can have a modern website with podcasts and all sorts of cool “new media” technology, but if you’re catering to the wrong audience, your work will be for naught. Think about the people that are likely visiting your site and go from there. For example, if you sell adaptive products for elderly Miami Beach residents, you may want to think twice about dynamic video elements or a lot of energetic typography and instead, keep the site clean and simple. Conversely, if you want website design for a carbon fiber racing yacht company in Sunny Isles Beach, your design approach might be a little different and a little more high-end and high-tech focused.
  2. Your contact info. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to easily find a business’s contact info on their site. You shouldn’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page and clink on a minuscule link to go to another page to get a phone number for a business. The way your contact info appears on the web actually has numerous implications for your company’s search engine rankings (Email us for a consultation if you’d like to learn more). Make a prominent contact tab in your navigation bar and print your contact info in the footer of your page as well. That way, site visitors will know how to get ahold of you without spending 15 minutes (if they’re feeling extremely generous) hunting around your site. This reduces visitor frustration, and reducing frustration is certainly a step towards building brand rapport with your customers.
  3. Colors. It’s easy to take something as simple as color for granted, but it can be a fatal flaw. You want colors that are not only eye-catching, but that fit well with your brand and are action-inducing. Certain colors, like green, have been shown to increase clicks and customer conversions — in certain cases. Play around with different colors until you get the desired result. If you don’t have an eye for color marketing, try hiring KiloThought Media, a website design and SEO agency, to give you professional design insights as to which hues can sell your unique products/services the best.
  4. Photos. Whether you are a retail store or a private landscaper, you should have photos on your website. Make them your own and not stock photos for them to be more effective. Show people using your product, show people that work at your company and use the photos to really tell a story to your customers. People that connect with businesses on a personal level are more likely to become a patron. Make sure to only use photos you have the rights to in order to avoid violating copyright laws. Hiring an award-winning web design company like KiloThought can take the guess work out of copyright laws.

By knowing your audience and planning carefully, you can create a wonderful website design that attracts customers and helps your business succeed. If you need help, contact your friendly South Florida digital marketing agency today for suggestions on how you can turn your website into a dynamic and engaging hub of knowledge for your customers.

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