2015 Small Business Web Design Trends

By October 10, 2015 Marketing, Web Design

The internet is a strange place. As consumers and website evolve, different trends form and take center stage. Responsible business owners always have one eye to the latest tech trends and work to change their website to work with the latest innovation and demands from consumers.

Like years past, some of these web design trends will necessarily be obvious. Hey, they’re trends. However, others are bit more surprising. Lets take a look at some of the biggest small business web design trends from 2015.

1.) Interactive storytelling. Customers want to know your story and there’s no better way to do that than through an interactive storytelling experience. If you’re not a natural storyteller or that just sounds like a bunch of marketing buzzwords created by people with no connection to reality, don’t worry (really). Focus on answering consumer questions about how your product evolved, how it works, and what the future holds.


Tell your story across multiple media platforms and work to develop your brand. Use a combination of images, text, video and interactive multimedia to form a cohesive story. Not Flash. We’re not launching a website for The Matrix here.

Being the year 201x, where x = 5, you can even use social media to your advantage, posting across different platforms to grow your following faster. Even luxury brands are using social media to run contests and giveaways, engaging universally classy customers in greater numbers. Creative design can help direct visitors to your various social network channels, and most importantly, your website.

But beware: just throwing a bunch of media online without a thoughtful, creative web marketing strategy developed by some thoughtful, creative web marketers who… know about the web, a luxury brand risks cheapening the perceived value of its products or services. If you haven’t heard of it yet, this is called digital dilution, and you don’t want to do it. Why? It’s bad. (I predict this is going to be a big buzz word – or non-buzz word – in Miami Beach in 2016.)

How will you tell your brand’s story in 2016?


2.) Enriched backgrounds. Minimalist or plain web page backgrounds are so… uh… also 2015. Still, in 2015, some forward-looking businesses are giving their websites makeovers, injecting them with personality through the use of enriched backgrounds. Unique background designs grab the attention of visitors, enticing them to stay on the page and have a look around.


For those that are really living life in the fast lane, embedding HTML5 video in the design’s background is a real attention grabber. We did that in 2013. Just saying.

(Interestingly enough, a lot of web design companies around Coral Gables had their sites redesigned to have this in the last quarter of 2015. Better late than sorry, I suppose. Although, it is pretty sorry when you think about it. I’m just kidding. We’re not sorry.)

3.) One-Page, mobile-friendly designs. One-page websites have plenty of critics in the SEO world (and rightfully so), but from a visitor standpoint, having everything on one page can be a big time saver. Especially if it’s not set up to be really awkward and confusing by some people who constantly have to remind themselves how creative they are at your company’s expense. Practical one-page designs are especially popular for those who have a lot of traffic from visitors on mobile devices.

Mobile Adaptive Web Design is also particularly useful for those seeking interactive storytelling across a variety of platforms, including those most typically frequented by mobile users. If you’re not sure how to convert your traditional website to a one-page design, or whether it’s the right move for you, consult a web designer for businesses. They can successfully compress your site’s information into one cohesive page.


As 2015 winds down and we start looking to 2016, several emerging trends are becoming obvious. Because cell phones are becoming the main tool people use to browse the internet, displays are changing to suit the smaller screen sizes. At the same time, retina displays mean higher-resolution browsing and higher-def images are replacing lower resolutions.


More and more (and more) sites are now also using cookies to help personalize the user experience. Cookies can hold a visitor’s preferences, giving them a personalized experience every time they visit a site. They tend to get a bad rap, and sometimes those old stale cookies deserve it. But, cookies do not always serve evil purposes. Sometimes, they allow you to store items in your shopping cart.  Sometimes, they genuinely just want to improve your experience on a website, so they can make the owner more money.

Keep on top of the latest trends to ensure your business does well today, tomorrow, and in the future.

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