Should Your Miami Business be Marketing on Pinterest?

By May 9, 2015 Marketing, Miami

Business + Pinterest = How to solve this equation?

“Pinterest is for girls what Call of Duty is for the guys,” comedian Iliza Schlesinger joked in her Stand Up routine, “Freezing Hot”, in which she spoke about women’s addiction to Pinterest, the image-based social network.

I am not an anthropologist, but I can tell you one thing: women like to see nice things, and some spend a LOT of time doing it. So, should your brand be on Pinterest?

No. Only those brands or companies that are expressly photogenic/related to “cute” products or services that can be photographable in a “cute” way. This can be anything from a yoga posture, to an inspirational statement. That’s why animal images, design, architecture, decoration, fashion, tourism, landscapes, food and DIY projects have a strong presence here.

If your product does not fit into these categories, you can still be on Pinterest (there’s always a creative way to do it), but it’s not necessarily a social network where you should spend a lot of time. Do you get the idea? I hope so.

(Before continuing, I want to say something: Miami is a beautiful place, where everything has a unique and special glamor. If your business has a presence here, surely you can be on Pinterest. Remember that this network is very visual, and Miami is a city that is 100% visual.) Now:

Some things to consider:

  • Pinterest describes itself as “a visual discovery tool that you can use to get new ideas for your projects and interests.” That can give you an idea of ​​what the objective is: VISUAL DISCOVERY. Get a hold of that concept.
  • Most of the audience of this social network is comprised of 24-45 women with college education. If your target coincides with this framework, then, you should definitely consider being on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest is a good way to redirect traffic to your website, BUT:
  • It doesn’t mean that you have to upload an inventory of ALL your products. The idea is that you should upload very elaborate and beautiful pictures, and label them as creatively as possible in different specific boards. Each Pinboard should have an attractive and very punctual name. For example, if you sell bathing suits, do not make a pinboard that simply says: “swimsuits”. It is best to put: “Sailor pinup style swimsuits”, for example.
  • Unlike Facebook, hashtags are very important on Pinterest because they allow you to position your product in the search. They are more than important: they are EVERYTHING, ok?
  • Don’t Spam: the idea is, as in all social networks, to make interactive proposals to your audience and not just talk about your brand. There are different techniques to involve users; maybe I’ll talk more about that in my next post 😉
  • When I said that hashtags were everything, I was lying. An accurate description of your images is also the key that leads to success.

Well, as you see, there’s a lot to say about Pinterest, and this is just the beginning. If you want to know more about the subject, you can check this in the Resources section of Pinterest’s website, or contact us.

Whether you’re in Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, anywhere in Miami, or anywhere in the world: we know how to help you. You can count on us!


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