The Passion of the Creative: A Useless Infographic

By August 20, 2014 Web Design
The Passion of the Creative

The first three pixels of this graphic about creative design wording memes shocked us, I guess.

The fourth made us want to stand up and applaud, but then we realized we were too disgusted with ourselves to cry any more of our own natural tears.

The fifth pixel was a living nightmare; the last two pixels of the seventh row of pixels made us want to cry. The eighth pixel for its part also made us want to cry. Actually, all of it made us want to cry.

The Passion of the Creative

When we met the creative who designed this graphic, a dog, he alerted us through creative paw taps and passionate barking that there were nearly 1,000 words represented by pictures, graphics, and words in this science chart. After that, we didn’t know how to respond other than feeling really awful about ourselves. Then, we made up this one word: Hero image.

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If you can embed this JPEG on your site without hating everything about who you are, you’re not just not a human. You’re not a being.

Description authored by an upworthly mobile “journalist”

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