#ChevyPlayMiami Refueled: The Miami International Auto Show

By November 12, 2015 Miami Beach

Still reeling from Day 1 of the #ChevyPlayMiami program, I woke up bright and early to get to the Miami Beach Convention Center (conveniently located on Convention Center Drive) in time for a private tour of the Miami International Auto Show.

When this is the first thing you pass walking into the building, you know – you just know – you’re in for cool things to come.


I know what you’re thinking: is that a car… in a building??? Hold on. You may want to want to sit down for this blog.

#ChevyPlayMiami: Day 2 Begins

It was really cool to walk around the rad vehicles at the Miami International Auto Show before it was open to the public, pretending like I know things about cars while trying not to spill the – surprisingly good – Chevrolet-provided coffee on any Maseratis.


Like a kid in a car store, I was permitted to walk around the Auto Show and climb in and out of exotic sports coupes while putting my hand on my chin and saying things like “yes, I like this car, it’s a good car” without anyone arresting me or even requesting that I “stop, please.”

The first car that really caught my attention was a white Corvette, which @MiamiStyleMom was kind enough to take a photo of me in front of. (In the interest of decency, Jack’s awkward “I left the house at 5AM to get to South Beach during Miami’s morning rush hour” gaze will not be displayed to the public, but here’s the car itself. – Ed.)


The second car that caught my eye – on the other end of the spectrum – was this 2016 Chevrolet Sonic, which it turns out is slightly more of an entry-level car than the Corvette. The Sonic clicked with what we had heard the previous day about Chevrolet being interested in democratizing technology; bringing higher-end features (and looks) even on the most affordably-priced models.


Once the guided tour began, Steven (below) educated us about the safety, BlueTooth, and Wi-Fi high-technology integrated into the next model year Chevrolet vehicles. You heard right: Wi-Fi, in a car.


As someone who named my company KiloThought in the face of the local Miami connotations of the word “kilo,” I was naturally interested in the gray “Volt.”

A hybrid-electric car, the upcoming 2016 Volt gets up to 53 pure electric miles to the gallon, which is a fantastic development as far as the environment is concerned.

If other auto makers were as focused on electric and eco-friendly technology as Chevrolet, there might even still be enough room to ride your jet-ski under the Star Island bridge (something an Uber driver told me about and I can’t get it out of my head).

Hey, I’m pretty sure that Uber driver was driving a Tahoe! Synchronicity, or serendipity… or synecdoche? I don’t know. Anyway, the tour continued with the Cadillacs:

The futuristic Cadillac CT6 was so cool that between the small crowd in front of it and the rotation, I couldn’t get a great photo of it. But I did hear a lot about the technology going into it. The “Internet of Things” concept was brought up – basically meaning that this car has wireless and Internet technology that is actually useful for doing things in everyday life, instead of avoiding doing things like most Internet technology.

After checking out the Cadillacs, we went on to hear our Chevy rep’s unbiased opinions of the upcoming models from Acura, Lexus, BMW, Audi, and others. As anticipated (and luckily for our cameras – I mean, that one camera that protrudes out of my iPhone) that endearing Vice City excess was in full form at the Miami International Auto Show.




Cap Confidential has more information about the painted car above (and the man who paints them) here.

A solid gold car with the NFL logo? “Why not?” you ask? I ask, “Why?”:


Of course, it wouldn’t be the Miami International Auto Show without some Big Havana favorites, like this 1959 Edsel Ranger:



Then, there was this thing:




Hey, I think I saw this guy in Fallout 4! If it didn’t crash at startup.

Despite that last awkward moment, we all had a fantastic time at #ChevyPlayMiami with SheBuysCars. Plus, KiloThought (well, actually Natalia) won a very fashion-forward shirt hand-selected by Jenny Berger in the Instagram challenge. Two days of futuristic cars, fashion, social media, and hacking in South Beach = what a treat, and what a fiat!



Miss #ChevyPlayMiami Day 1? See the full run-down here!

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