Miami Beach Web Marketing Mistakes You’ve Been Making

By August 15, 2015 Marketing, Miami Beach

If you’re taking the DIY approach to your business’ website, odds are that you’re making some mistakes that are costing you money. Internet marketing mistakes can cost you website visitor traffic, leads, and sales.

Besides the more obvious ones: Not knowing how to Market to a Miami Beach audience, not engaging in multi-lingual content marketing, trying to sell heavy-duty farm tractors to a disinterested Bal Harbour audience; there are plenty of easier mistakes, preconceived notions, and take-for-granteds the future owner of a Miami web empire can overlook. Instead of trying to handle all of your SEO and marketing needs on your own, consider hiring the best Miami Beach Internet Marketing firm. If you’re not getting regular traffic to your site, you might be making one of these common mistakes:

  1. Thinking nobody uses your website to decide whether or not to shop at your store. People frequently use retailer websites to decide where to go to make a purchase. You need to provide as much information as possible to potential customers to help sway them to come shop with you. Whether that means putting your prices online (or in Miami Beach sometimes not putting prices online), phone numbers or information about what is or is not in stock depends on what you sell and what your customers are after.
  2. Not having a website that’s well-optimized for crawling by search engines. If you’re not working with an internet marketing agency, odds are that your site isn’t being seen by search engines as often as you would like it to be. Search engines use complicated algorithms that change all the time to generate results/rankings, and it’s important to stay on top of the current changes to avoid falling into the abyss past the web search results continental shelf (we call this page 3).
  3. Using the wrong keywords on your website. Using the wrong keywords can generate a lot of traffic, but it won’t be the type of traffic you want. Having 1,000 people visit your website each day doesn’t mean a lot if none of them make a purchase. Make sure your keywords are relevant to what you do or sell so you not only get traffic, but high-quality traffic. If you don’t know the first thing about keywords, you should definitely hire a Miami Beach web design and search optimization company that specializes in getting traffic.
  4. Substituting social media for an actual website. If you only create a social media page or only create a website, you’ll be missing out on potential customers. You need a strong internet presence, which encompasses various types of media. Remember that your website should be your primary source of information for customers and everything else (like social media) should primarily function to send people to your website. Any Miami Beach web marketing agency can tell you that Facebook or Instagram are website accoutrements, not replacements.
  5. Making it hard for customers to find out what makes your business special. If you have the lowest prices, the best selection or amazing deals, make sure everyone that goes to your page knows about it. Do you offer free shipping? Put up a banner. A customer should know why they should shop with you within 30 seconds of visiting your site.
  6. Making it hard for Miamians to make a purchase. You’d be surprised how many e-retailers make it difficult to make a purchase from their website. If a customer has to go through excessive checkout pages, or can’t find a purchase button with ease, they’re likely to leave your site and go to one they know better. Having a lengthy or difficult checkout process gives the customer reasons and time to re-think the purchase, which can cost you customers and money. If you’ve been here a while, you may have picked up the fact that Miami-Dade county’s citizens are not known for their patience or enjoyment of doing things the hard way.
  7. Forgetting to get contact information and permission to keep in touch. Repeat customers make up the bulk of many sites’ sales. Make sure you get the opportunity to reach out to customers again by having an optional box in the checkout process that signs them up to a newsletter or gives permission for you to contact them with information about sales or other promotions. Many companies leave this checked by default so that the customer needs to opt-out — that part is up to you.

Having a good ROI-based search engine marketing/SEO agency working for you can eliminate all of these common mistakes so you can get more business, make more sales, and make more profits. Considering the cost versus the payoff, it make sense to call in the professionals to handle your internet marketing needs. E-mail KiloThought with your Miami Beach web design and Internet marketing needs, and we’ll help you develop your digital empire.

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