The Definitive Cheat Sheet for Miami Beach Residents (Who Need Awesome Web Design)

By October 25, 2014 Miami Beach

Miami Beach is home to some of the most well-known sand and surf in the world. The “playground of America” is a great place to work on your tan and check out the… scenery. If you’re lucky enough to live in Miami in the first place, spend less time working on website design in Miami Beach and more time with the sand between your toes, et cetera, by checking out our ultimate cheat sheet for M.B. residents who want – nay, need – fr*cking awesome web design.

How to Get the Best Website Design in Miami Beach

Keep it Simple, Dimwit – This may seem counterintuitive with all of the great tools that are available these days to enhance a website, but before you go crazy with widgets, graphics and music, take a walk down Ocean Drive or pop into any gallery or shop on Lincoln Road. You’ll see people everywhere glued to their smartphones. Odds are that more than a small percentage of your customers will be accessing your site through a phone, so it’s important to keep it simple and mobile-friendly. You can have a dedicated mobile site if you want, but the majority of websites built today will not even need a separate mobile site (no matter how much your Miami Beach web designer tries to up-sell you).

Oh right, the humanity – Give your website a personality. Make it memorable for visitors so they want to come back. You can use an unusual interface, you could have a special style of writing content, or you could opt for the classy, ultra-luxe, minimalist approach that some Miami Beach Web Design Agency consultants do so well. There are endless possibilities – and a creative, unconventional designers can unlock many you’ve never considered – but pick one, and stick with it.

Make it in your own image – Have some images, but not too many. Whatever images you put up need to be your own to avoid copyright infringement and other troubles. There are some easy ways to make your own images and, it being the mid-2010s and all, you probably have a decent enough camera on your smartphone to pull the task off. If you’re looking for something more advanced than a photo from your Android’s camera to represent your business to the Beaches’ discerning residents, your Miami Beach web agency can provide the professional graphic design you need. Remember the old adage, good taste is easy to recognize? Well, believe it or not, nowhere is that more applicable than when it comes to website design in Miami Beach. You wouldn’t buy the cheapest cat food for little Chlöe (cool cat name, by the way) — why would you hire the cheapest web designer?

Good taste is easy to recognize for Miami Beach residents.

(That goes for you too, Sunny Isles.)

Think global, shop local – Hire a local Miami Beach web designer to do any site work you need done. That way, you can always contact the developer without worrying about time zone differences or regional holidays. Ideally, a local designer will also be in touch with the Miami Beach vibe, giving your website greater appeal to your local customers. There’s also a pretty obvious benefit to hiring an experienced Miami web consulting agency that is familiar with international commerce – Miami-style – and doesn’t think of Miami as a far away place full of alligators wearing 80s pastel suits and driving airboats (Okay, there are some in Coral Gables but they’re cool guys!).

Design your website to be a “little” haven – Don’t forget the little things. As you’re probably aware, web design today encompasses a whole lot of categories. This ain’t the 90s. Don’t forget about SEO, copywriting, newsletters, and advertising. You can hire a Miami Beach SEO specialist and a Miami Beach content writer separately, or you could look for a web consulting agency that can handle everything for you with just one point of contact. It’s up to you, Miami Beach.

In reality, the only “cheat code” you need to memorize to get the ultimate e-commerce or business website that’ll wow your Miami Beach and international clients, and keep them coming back year after year, is: KiloThought. Don’t worry about the capitalization.

The key to getting a great website is to work with a great Miami Beach web agency. Look around at other businesses in the Miami-Dade/South Broward area to find a company that can offer you everything you need in one convenient package. That way, you’ll get everything you need at once so you can get out of the office and back onto the beach while your business or businesses take care of themselves.

And if you’re feeling like taking care of all this today, click here to send us an email.

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