Should You Market Your Company on All Social Networks?

By April 15, 2015 Marketing

A couple of years ago I worked in an ad agency in Buenos Aires. One of the accounts was a fire extinguisher manufacturer. (is there any more boring product? Cat litter, perhaps?)

I’ll never forget those clients. The guys believed that they sold yachts in Miami or something: they wanted to be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest … anyway. Can you imagine that? Pictures of fire extinguishers with vintage Instagram filters?

It took us MONTHS to make them understand that an effective communication strategy does not necessarily involve ALL SOCIAL NETWORKS.

Why do I tell you this story? Because NOT ALL social networks are right for ALL clients. That’s the truth. A professional agency knows which are the RIGHT (that’s the keyword here) social media networks that best adapt and cater to the specific needs of a particular client’s industry. It is better to have few accounts and extract all the juice from them, than have multiple accounts all scattered with little activity.

Why? Because if you use the wrong social network:

1) You will not be generating enough interaction, which is bad for your corporate image, and

2) You won’t be properly targeting your content and products to your audience.

Below is a brief (VERY BRIEF) guide on the strengths of the most popular Social Networks:

  1. Facebook: The mother of Social Networks. I could write a book on the subject. But to be brief, I will say that Facebook is a great partner for you because: a) It shows your products in a fun way and b) It generates interaction with engaging social content and especially c) it allows you to direct your content ads to a highly targeted audience. (It’s not to upload photos of puppy memes with a header that says “Smile, it’s Friday.” Ok?)
  2. Twitter: It’s perfect (only) for companies able to post interesting news for a specific niche. If you think you can become a thought leader in your field, go ahead. For example: boutiques or technology, NGOs or businesses that involve social events or media.
  3. Instagram: It’s a hip and cool social network. If you have “cute” things to show and you can do it in an attractive way, it can be very useful. It’s ideal to show: boats, cars, sports, food and drinks, social events, green spaces, fashion, tourist spots, animals, design, art, lifestyle, etc. Spontaneous and “teaser” photos are the key to this network. If your product does not fall into those categories, it may not be a good idea. To upload corporate and less “social” photos, I would recommend Flickr.
  4. YouTube: Ideal for corporate videos, social events videos and fun tutorials. For example, a bar in Coconut Grove may have a YouTube channel with tutorials on how to prepare drinks. For a club in South Beach they could run a playback list with music from the resident DJ.
  5. Blogs: Perhaps the least “social” form of social media marketing, but equally useful. The key: NEVER abandon it. A corporate blog is a great tool to improve the SEO of your page and position yourself as an authority to speak on an issue or an authority in your industry.

Do you own a business in Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Miami, South Florida, or anywhere else on the planet and want to know more about how to best use social media marketing to amplify your web presence? KiloThought can help! Contact us here.

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