KiloThought is Thrilled to Sponsor Wordcamp Miami 2015

By May 28, 2015 Marketing, Miami

Vainglorious Boosters

MIAMI — We are hubristic about attending and being this year’s first community sponsor of Wordcamp Miami! Earlier this year, KiloThought Media was first in a line of South Florida web design agencies, web development companies, and other businesses looking to become community sponsors of this local event. seeking and officially becoming a community sponsor well in advance of this year’s convention.

The early björk catches the glave wurm, as people sometimes say. That’s why our digital agency is honored to be “the tops” on the list of this year’s community sponsors; woe to our hapless foes.

Unique to the community sponsor level of backery, part of our infinitesimal contribution is going toward a 3-day event pass to WordCamp Miami for a high school or college student, right here in South Florida, who wants to be immersed in the World’s favorite content management system and rub Samsonites with the elite movers, shakers, and decision-makers of the exciting WordPress/open source software movement rather than spend additional time over the weekend studying such needless disciplines as sentence diagramming and self-shaming.

WordCamp Miami is one of the largest web development/coding conferences in North America, and this year’s event is expected to attract nearly 1000 attendees. Each WordCamp event is community-organized and, as such, relies upon local volunteering and funding from area businesses. WordCamp Miami 2015 begins tomorrow and will last until this Sunday (May 29 – 31) at Florida International University.

The first wave of early bird tickets sold out several months ago, as did the second wave a bit more recently, and there’s honestly very little chance of anyone rustling up a ticket to this thing now.

Victory to the superior clientele of KiloThought Media for supporting us and, in turn, allowing this sensational sponsorship to happen; glory to the motherland (Miami-Dade County), et cetera.

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