KiloThought Receives Rackspace Cloud Certification

By September 9, 2014 Company News, Technology, Web Security

MIAMI, THE WORLD — KiloThought Media has officially been awarded Cloud Certification from Rackspace, a data industry leader and one of the most well-known names in global cloud services.

And this is the tastefully understated web badge they gave us to display our cloud expertise to the people of South Florida.


Yes Miami, now that we’re cloud certified, we have independent, knowledge-based verification from one of the technology sector’s leading companies that our team actually does know its stuff, and isn’t just throwing a lot of Tesla coils and lightning puns around for no reason. No, no, no — we do it for the people.

UPDATE: Check out our new video announcing our certification!

About the Certificate Program

Rackspace’s CloudU program is a collaboration between Rackspace, IT industry analysts, as well as “thought leaders” (whomever/whatever those are… hopefully they didn’t label themselves that). We know the other two parties are important, though.

The requirements to achieve cloud certification include completion of a vendor-neutral, comprehensive curriculum,  including sitting for an online final exam.

Rackspace’s Cloud Certificate is designed for IT/technical professionals and business owners who want to ensure they have a thorough, up-to-date understanding of the fundamentals, data security best practices, and technologies related to the world of cloud computing.

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About Jack

Jack is the Founder and CEO of KiloThought Media. He is a Miami-born, award-winning graphic designer and filmmaker, published writer, Tesla enthusiast, former spelling bee champ, and certified social media professional who really, really hates writing bios about himself. He wrote his first program in BASIC on an ADAM ColecoVision at 4 years old and later taught himself HTML and built his first website at age 9. When he isn't writing bios about himself, Jack enjoys filmmaking, writing, strategy games, and building Nixie clocks. He is an alumnus of Missouri State University and has a B.Sc. in Mass Media & Digital Film. Jack is one of the Top 100 (out of 104) Red Alert 3 players in the world and once beat Civilization V on Deity difficulty mode. Follow him on Twitter at @jackbonneman.

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