The Importance of Web Design for Small Miami Businesses

By May 21, 2014 Miami

South Florida is definitely a competitive market, no matter what industry you’re in.

If you asked a Miami small business owner 10 years ago if he thought having a well-designed website was important, she (or he) probably would have said that it’s not something that would really make enough of a difference on their volume of sales to warrant worrying about.

A website is more than important for a Miami small business in 2014.

But, if you ask a Miami small business owner the same question in 2014, they’ll tell you that 90% of their new customers have come from their internet marketing strategies.

An attractive, well-laid-out website — designed and coded by a professional Miami web design firm — is more than important for a Miami small business in 2014. It’s actually essential for any business if they want to survive and thrive with such a competitive market.

Competition in Miami is Fierce – You Need a Competitive Web Design

In the current economy, this fact means that small businesses and new startups depend on the quality of their websites to survive the most. And the South Florida area is definitely one of the most competitive markets in the United States. This is true no matter what industry you’re in.

Some of South Florida, the Gables, and the Miami metro area’s most competitive Miami web design markets include:

  • Medical / Healthcare provider web sites
  • Real estate web sites
  • Law firm web sites
  • Private Jet websites
  • Spa and Relaxation web sites
  • Yacht / Boat Dealership websites
  • Architecture and Interior Design web sites
  • Fashion / Artist / Photography web sites
  • Lifestyle Magazines and Blogs
  • Entertainment Management web sites
  • Auto Dealer websites
  • Restaurant and Nightclub web sites
  • Hotel web sites

That is a long “short list” of the most competitive Miami web design markets! And we’re sure we left some out — there are plenty of non-service, non-tourism focused industries in this city. The business and marketing climate at the southern end of Florida means that even if you don’t see your industry in the list above, the chances are very good that it is a highly competitive market in South Florida as well.

Just “Having” One is Not Good Enough

Unfortunately, just having a website “to have one” isn’t enough. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in the business culture of South Florida. In upmarket areas like Miami, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, and elsewhere, you have to impress consumers.

Why? Because everyone else down here is actively trying to impress the exact same people. If you don’t even bother, your competition is automatically going to “win” over your potential customers a large percentage of the time.

Dress to Impress

Presenting your web design to the Miami public is like going to a social function and being judged on your clothing and your posture rather than the quality of your being. It’s annoying, but you’ve gotta do it.

Hi, we are KiloThought Media, a Miami web design agency.

Fortunately the “impress” part is easy enough when you get your website professionally designed by KiloThought Media. (Actually, the experience of having a Miami website designed by our company is a lot easier to endure than the aforementioned scenario.)

Trust KiloThought as Your Miami Web Design Company

Don’t settle for a mediocre web site from a mediocre Miami web designer who’s only interested in finishing your site and taking your cash instead of presenting your business online in the best way possible. Instead, dress to impress.

Make sure you get an eye-catching business website design, developed by a trustworthy Miami web design agency with plenty of experience, like the creative design team here at KiloThought Media. Contact KiloThought’s experienced development team today to get started designing the web site of your dreams.

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