How the Quality of Your Website Design Affects Your Miami Company’s Sales

By February 1, 2015 Web Design

In our multicultural microcosm of constant contact, customers in Miami and Coral Gables are accustomed to having access to their favorite stores and brands at all hours of the day. It’s important to offer customers a high-quality website to interact with to establish your company as a leader in the industry.

A quality website is easy to access, easy to navigate and full of relevant information that enhances the customer experience. For those of us in the South Florida area, a Miami, Florida Website Development Company can be an invaluable resource.

Site Navigation

One of the main ways a customer is going to interact with your website is through the navigation bar. Whether you have a simple top navigation or a more detailed side navigation will depend on the layout of your site, what services or products you are offering and how the items are categorized. If you hire someone to do the design for you, they will recommend a navigation type for your site’s specific needs. Remember, if customers can’t find the items they are looking for, they can’t buy them.

Product Pages

Another way you can change your website’s design to increase sales is by taking some time to work on your product pages. While a picture of the item is nice, many customers also rely on the written description to determine whether or not the product fits their needs. Keep product descriptions under 100 words and use bullet points when appropriate. Customers in Miami prefer brief, concise descriptions that maximize information and are quick to read. Giving the relevant selling points without any extra “fluff” is the easiest way to increase sales for specific items.

Checkout Page Options

A third important factor in your website’s design is the checkout page. Any Website Design company in Miami will tell you that it’s important to make it easy for your customers to make a purchase. You should always send them to their cart when an item is added, giving them the option to continue shopping or to checkout.

Once they click the checkout button, keep the number of pages minimal. Customers prefer to enter a shipping address, a billing address and billing info. They don’t want to have to enter multiple pages of information in order to make a purchase. Minimize the number of steps in the checkout to not only increase the number of conversions, but to also clean up your website design.

Modern Design

Having a modern, clean — even minimalist — website design makes your company’s face to the world one of quality. It also lets your customers know that your business both can afford and cares enough to have a well-done site. As you know, that’s extremely important down here (or up here, depending on your point of view), particularly in highly upmarket areas like Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, AventuraSunny Isles, Miami Beach, and so on.

Making these simple changes to your website’s design will help increase sales. Working with a Miami-based website design company is the easy way to ensure your website meets your customer’s expectations at all times. While you’re working on the design, don’t forget to implement SEO in order to increase page rankings and increase the number of visitors to your site.

It’s your company’s official home on the web – you only get one. Don’t squander the opportunity to wow your customers and impress them into purchasing what you’re selling.

If you want a modern web design for your Miami business, contact the team here at KiloThought Media now.

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