Which Coral Gables SEO Agency Will Give You More Time to Work on Your Golf Swing?

By November 5, 2014 Coral Gables

The Proof is in the Putting.

When you began your business, you were probably dreaming about financial freedom and having more time to spend perfecting your golf swing. For those brave enough to tackle the e-commerce bull, your finances, future, and golf game depend on getting the right customers to your site.

Quality, targeted traffic is the key to increasing conversions and making more profits. Unfortunately, getting the right type of traffic to your site isn’t as easy as just building the page and waiting for the customers to come strolling in.

So how do you get the right type of traffic?

You could spend years in school learning the basics of search engine optimization – or SEO for short – then spend days, weeks, or even months tweaking your website to get the results you want — or you could bring in a professional. A good SEO Coral Gables consultant will know how to drive the right traffic to your website using tried and true techniques, mixed with their own knowledge and acquired intuition.

SEO is not an exact science, but if you select a smart SEO consultant, it can be pretty darn close.

If you’re located in South Florida, the best SEO Coral Gables agency to meet your needs is KiloThought Media. The seasoned professionals at KiloThought can turn your hum-drum online business into a hot spot for consumers.

We know how to bring in traffic by optimizing your site for the complicated algorithms that Google and other search engines use to return websites matching a potential customer’s search query.

Whether you’re a high-end Miracle Mile sunglasses retailer right in Coral Gables or a high-end alpaca farmer in La Paz, you can be sure that there are customers on the internet looking for the types of products you sell or services you offer right at this very moment. And if you’re the latter, please send us a quick email and let us know how you manage to raise such healthy alpacas in the highly urbanized capital of Bolivia. You know, when you have time.

Untargeted Traffic is Worth Less than Zero

Customers that are already looking for what you sell or who are interested in the field your website encompasses are known as targeted traffic. You may have seen this term represented before by 90s-quality 3D graphics of a vaguely human figure (think Cingular) shooting an arrow at a big red and white target not-so-subtly labelled with big red 3D letters spelling “SEO.” Regardless of the way that targeted traffic has been portrayed in the past, these types of visitors are far more likely to make a purchase, so finding ways to get them to your business site is vital.

SEO Coral Gables consultants use keywords to bring you the right type of traffic. They know the difference between keywords that will bring in ordinary traffic and keywords that will bring in quality traffic. They also know where to place those keywords to get the maximum benefit.

Maximum benefit translates to maximum return on your investment. After all, there’s no sense in overloading your servers with visitors if nobody is interested in making a purchase. And this is just what a lot of consultants, whether in South Florida or located around the world, are actually promising and providing – a high volume of un-targeted traffic that isn’t interested at all in what you have to offer.

Besides the obvious “what’s the point, that’s not what I want for my business” aspect, and that these are usually the guys who want a $20,000 check up-front and then never acknowledge your existence again, there is another killer problem with this.

That is, having a high bounce rate (when people arrive on your page, see that it’s not for them, and “bounce” away to another page) actually directly affects your search engine optimization. In a bad way.

It’s actually rather easy to get people to come to your company’s website. The “trick” so to speak, and one of the main things separating quality SEO Coral Gables agencies from your run-of-the-mill shady SEO guys — we’ll call them “the sand trap” — is attracting the right people to your website.

Why choose KiloThought?

KiloThought Media provides professional search optimization and marketing in The Gables

When selecting an SEO Coral Gables consulting firm to work with, it’s important to look beyond the price tag and check out the history of the company including their results.

The firm that can provide the SEO you need is definitely not going to be the cheapest — nor necessarily the most expensive.

KiloThought Media’s mission is to continue being the most knowledgeable and hardest working SEO agency serving Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Miami, and the rest of South Florida and its international/overseas business community.

Our proven track record and superior service will ensure you get exactly what you want from your relationship. Other companies can’t make the same type of claim (well, technically there are plenty of self-labelled “SEO Gurus” in Miami and Coral Gables making this claim).

We’re not saying you need certification to be an effective search optimization consultant. Still, we figured it can’t hurt, so KiloThought Media provides Moz-certified SEO consulting services for Coral Gables and all points North, South, and the other directions as well.

When you choose to partner with KiloThought Media, you can forget worrying about your ongoing SEO needs, leaving the dirty (and boring) work to the professionals. You’ll have more time to spend relaxing and doing things you really love like spending the afternoon on the green.

While you’re out playing, SEO Coral Gables professionals will be hard at work making sure your website gets the type of traffic it needs to succeed. Through periodic evaluations, the team will be able to identify your site’s changing needs and make adjustments accordingly to ensure long-term success.

What if you don’t like to golf?

If your worst worry as a business owner is that you’re feeling pressured to go golfing, you can go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve made it.

If you aren’t at that point yet, don’t fret – take the first step to a lifetime membership at that country club over in Doral. Hiring a successful and thoughtful SEO management team like what you’ll get with KiloThought Media is the first step in securing your financial future and making your leisure time a top priority.

Stop surfing the net to find the answers to your dilemma and send us an email to get your own team of hardworking, experienced SEO Coral Gables specialists on the case.

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