5 Cool Local Artists To Be Thankful For

By November 26, 2014 Fort Lauderdale, In the Loupe, Miami

In case you didn’t know they existed, here’s a list of five great locals you may want to explore.

Awesome New Republic

Blooming from the humble roots of the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, Michael John Hancock and Brian Robertson teamed up to create what is now ANR. The two part indie duo ANR began in 2003 and received attention from the media. In 2006, Pitchfork reviewed their album, So Far and in 2008 they were featured in a New York Times article about the growing music scene in Miami. They have been mostly dormant since 2011, but their work is definitely worth a look. I recommend starting with “Big Problem”, from their most recent album, Stay Kids. Here’s a live version.

Source: ANR’s Facebook Page

Elastic Bond

Elastic Bond got their start in 2004 when producer Andres Ponce and singer/songwriter Sofy Encanto met. Their chemistry was almost instant (hence the name – Elastic Bond). Later they incorporated a couple of other members and the duo became a group. After performing all around South Florida, the band finally received recognition not only in Miami but in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Their music ranges from sweet to tropical to outright funky. Check out “Solo Tu Amor” or “Find A Way”.

Source: Elastic Bond’s Facebook Page

Ordinary Boys

In 2010, Ordinary Boys started off with one gig that gained South Florida’s attention. Since then, they have been playing at countless Miami venues and have evolved into a five piece tribute act. These “ordinary boys” have an extraordinary talent for energetically covering the best of the Smiths and Morrissey. The similarity is uncanny—enough to make you question whether or not you entered a time warp. Keep up with their events on Facebook, including their pre-Thanksgiving party “A Murderous Desire” at Poorhouse in Ft. Lauderdale.

Source: Ordinary Boys’ Facebook Page

Psychic Mirrors

Although there’s not a ton of information readily available online about Psychic Mirrors, my discovery of them was serendipitous. I was waiting to see Jacuzzi Boys at Churchill’s and in the middle of a predominantly garage-rock lineup was a self-described “Miami Boogie” group, composed of multiple diverse individuals. It took ten seconds for me to start dancing and fall in love. They won the Miami New Times award for “Best Funk Band” in 2012, and they have definitely lived up to the title. Just listen to “Charlene.”

Source: Psychic Mirrors’ Facebook Page

Telescope Thieves

Miami native Mario De Los Santos is Telescope Thieves. His style is that of a futuristic persuasion that is pleasant and danceable. Telescope Thieves is a humble performer, but his fresh talent speaks for itself. Recently, he performed at III Points Music Festival in Wynwood. Explore his Soundcloud and get lost in good vibes.

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