2015 Web Design Do’s and Don’ts for Miami Businesses

By April 7, 2015 Web Design

Are you thinking of setting up a website for your business in Miami? Here we tell you what to do … and what to definitely not do.

We are not fans of cheap comparisons, but in this case we will use them.

Now, just imagine that the Internet is like Walmart shelves and that you have a product that you want to sell.

Well, having NO website is like not having your product on any shelf, and you still expect people to buy it. While having a poorly-designed website is like putting your products on the worst shelf, yes, that dirty shelf full of dubious products that your mother would never buy. It’s like trying to sell fish just beside the cereals.

Miami is one of the most vibrant and exciting cosmopolitan cities in the United States. People who visit this city  — and who live here, especially — often expect the best, always: professionalism, excellence, and a quality differential that exists nowhere else but in South Florida. And that must be reflected in your website.

You need to keep this in mind, especially if you are thinking of hiring your little teenage nephew to design your business website. Even though he may have taken a web design course or whatever, only a professional team can design and implement a successful website that works on several levels: in terms of sales copy, SEO, and a functional and attractive design. It’s better if you pay him to clean your car or wash the dishes.

So the question is: how do you make an attractive website that reflects the spirit of your Miami business AND makes demanding South Floridians want to buy your products?

The answer is: design is EVERYTHING. (Well, almost. Having flawless content/sales copy and an effective SEO strategy is also the key). But let’s stay with the design theme and go to today’s web design DO’s and DON’Ts…

DON’T: Create a website in 2005, and then not update it since then.

DO: Treat your website as your own business. Whether you have a bridal dress shop in Coral Gables or a skateboarding business in Miami Beach, updating the design of your website is VITAL, always. If the last time you decorated your local storefront was when Bush Sr. was president, then surely now your store is not attractive, nor is it building trust among your potential customers. The same logic works for the design of your website, which brings us to…

DO: Always keep up with the latest trends in design. See what others are doing. Think about what might work for your business’ website, and discard the rest.

DO: Know your audience, and adapt the design to appeal to your customer base (not to the entire population of the Solar System, only to your potential customers, right?)

DON’T: Just do ANYTHING that ANYONE does. If geometric logos become trendy and EVERYONE does that — and you do too— then what sets your business apart from the others?

DON’T: Decide on the aesthetics and design of your website without thinking first of your social media strategy. Today, web and social media must be functional and go hand-in-hand.

DON’T: Create a blog and not respond to comments, or leave it abandoned.

DO: Take your site seriously. Remember what we said about shelves? You already have a business in Miami. That means you’re located in a good shelf. Now, where will you place your product? Well, that depends on you. (And your website).

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